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The International Conference on Electronic Records Management

Jul 07, 2009

The International Conference on Electronic Records Management was held in the School of Information Resource Management on June 19th. More than 100 experts and students, including Feng Huiling, the vice-president of RUC, and people from enterprises, government ministry offices took part in the meeting. Dyung Le, who is in charge of the design of American ERA system, and Dr. Chang, the software engineer of Adobe Quality Engineering Developer, were invited to make a speech. Professor Wang Jian, the assistant to the Dean of SIRM, chaired the meeting.

Dyung Le is the director of NARA systems engineering and technical manager of ERA program. He is very experienced in the design and the development of ERA system. He gave a speech titled as “Framework and Software Architecture of the ERA program”, which introduced the drive factors and goals of the program. Dr. Chang delivered the speech “ISO PDF/A standard and its application worldwide”. He also demonstrated the new product that Adobe designed based on the PDF/A standard.