Hongjie Hu

Personal particulars Male, born in August 1958, Doctor of management, doctoral supervisor, editor-in-chief of the magazine office of "Archival Science Bulletin " of Renmin University of China, council member of the Literature and History Committee of the Steering Committee of the National Higher Education Examination for Self-taught People, deputy director of Research Association of Chinese Official Document Writing, member of the Higher Education Secretary Academy of China and the Society of Chinese Archivists.
Research field Basic theory of archival science, agency and office management , project management
Off-campus Positions  
Research projects led
  • Chair the project of educational reform of Renmin University of China: "Management and practice of the office "
  • Chair the project of Renmin University of China: "Analysis of the Status of Chinese Archival Careers"
  • Chair the project of the School of Information Resources Management: "Critical Analysis of the Chinese Archival Studies Works"
  • Chair the project of the School: "Research in index systems of the office environment"
  • Participate in the project supported by the National Social Science Foundation of China: "Research in construction of the guarantee systems for administration efficiency and their operating mechanisms"
Achievements  Author or co-author of 5 monographs and teaching manuals, publish more than 30 academic papers.
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