Weizhen Hou

Personal particulars Male, born in March of 1962, vice standing director of Electronic Government Research Center of Renmin University of China, director of the Teaching and Research Section of Electronic Government of the School of Information Resources Management, expert of Examination and Appraisal Group of National Science and Technological Foundations of Small and Middle Scale Enterprises, engaged in IT Company for many years, serving as IT investment consultant, system analyst, general supervisor of stock market networking planning and operating, website's planning designer, etc.
Research field Electronic government, government information management, application of information technology
Off-campus Positions  
Research projects led
  • Chair the key project of the Ministry of Education: "Developing the main basic technical standards of the electronic government"
  • Chair of the sub-project supported by the National Social Science Foundation of China: "Research in construction of the guarantee systems for administration efficiency and their operating mechanisms"
  • Undertake a subproject of the key project supported by the Ministry of Education: " Research in the security management system of the national public crisis "
  • Participate in the annual scientific research project of the State Science and Technology Commission: "Public administrations in information age "
  • Participate in the project supported by the State Archives Administration of China: "Research in the records and archives management planning and the implementing scheme for electronic government of Beijing
Achievements Editor-in-chief of 2 teaching manuals, participate in editing 2 teaching manuals, published more than 10 representative papers.
Contact aimhou@vip.sina.com