Peng Cui

Personal particulars Male, Ph. D., Assistant professor, Senior member of China Computer Federation, Committee of Chinese Institute of Electronics Graph Theory and System Optimazation Specialized Committee, Member of Beijing Red Cross
Research field Theoretical Computer Science, Web Mining, E-Government, Eletectronic Document

Undergraduate Courses: Fundamentals of Compiling, Software Engineering, Principles of Information System

Graduate Courses: Introduction of Metadata, Artificial Intelligence

Off-campus Positions  
Research projects led

Chair of the project supported by Beijing Municipal Archives, Archives web oriented intelligence information retrieval techniques(2007-2008) 

Chair of the key project of the Key Laboratory of Data Engineering and Knowledge Engineering, Data migration and data integration of Electronic document processiong center(2008-2009)

Chair of the project supported by National Natural Science Foundation of China, the structure characteristics of constraint satisfaction problem and algorithm analysis(2010-2012)

Chair of the project supported by Renmin University of China, the construction and implementation study of Web information service(2010-2012) 


Author of two books, published more than ten academic papers and one teaching material, got one patent license

Web Theory and Application, Hebei University Press, 2007

Foundamentals of Computer and Training, Hebei University Press, 2008

Cui, p. Technology Analysis and Development Stratagy of E-Government Middleware. Proceeding of the 1st Natioanl Electronic Government Technology and Application Acadamic Conference. 2007,9

Cui, P, Zhao, GJ.  Influence of the Open-source Software on the Selection of Electronic Document Form. Archives Science Bulletin. 2007,5

Lin, JL, Cui,P. Study on the Convertibility of Electronic Document Form. Lantai World, 2008,9

Cui,P. Object Oriented Readability of Several Typical Document. Archives Science Bulletin. 2008,6

Cui,P. et al. Thumbnail Mechanism of Web Search Services. Journal of Peking University(Natural Science Edition), 36,3(2000)

Cui,P. et al. Parameter Extraction of Threshold Voltage Model of BSIM3V3. Proceeding of the 4th International Conference on ASIC, 2001

Cui,P. et al. Breadth First Greedy Algorithm for Unconstrained Set Multicover. Dynamics of Continuous Discrete and Impulsive Systems, 13, S3(2007)

Cui,P. A Tighter Analysis of Set Cover Greedy Algorithm for Test Set, Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 4614,2007