Jizhe Zhang

Personal particulars Male, born in July 1955, director of the Teaching and Research Section of Archives Management.
Research field basic theory of archival science, theoretical informatics, public relations theory
Off-campus Positions  
Research projects led
  • Chair of the project supported by the School of Information Resources Management: "Construction of theoretical informatics"
  • Chair of the project of the School of Information Resources Management: "Evolution and development of public relations theory"
  • Participate in the project supported by the Ministry of Education: "Development strategy of archival science in 21 century and the basic requirements for backbone courses"
  • Participate in the project of educational reform supported by Renmin University of China: "The study of innovative personnel training mode for humanity, arts and social science "
Achievements Published 8 monographs and teaching materials and more than 20 academic articles. Have proposed "logic doctrine and historical doctrine in the archives management methods", "the phenomenon of antinomy in the history of information technology" , "paradox of archival appraisal work " , "essential characteristics of public relations state-- non mandatory and non stipulated", " the 3 forms of public relations " , "the 3 line theories of public relations", "four key elements of public relations " and other theoretical points of views. 
Awards Received the third-level prize of the Scientific and Research Findings of Social Science of the Second National Ordinary Higher Learning and Education Awarding.
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