SIRM has paid great efforts to cultivate comprehensive qualities of students and has provided  open stages for students to perform themselves and develop their broader space.

It has provided social practices for students to enhance their better understanding of society and to enrich their social experience.

It has provided volunteer work for students to improve themselves such as serving for Olympics and teaching to help the poor.

It has provided cultural recreation activities for students to demonstrate themselves, such as dancing and singing for pleasure.

It has provided physical training games for students to strengthen their health and to temper their willpower.

It has provided academic opportunities for students to participate in various types of research activities to learn how to learn and to know unknown.

It has provided challenges for students to do students’ work and to enhance their capacity and self-perfection.

It has provided wealth of cultural experiences that students can taste of the ancient capital and ancient style.

SIRM has carefully created all-round development stage and self-perfective space for students, it has provided various channels for students to go society and to practice what have learnt, it has many ways and platforms for students to have their brilliant performance.